Les Jeux d’hiver de l’Arctique rapprochent notre monde circumpolaire. Renforcer nos collectivités et offrir à nos JEUNES une expérience des Jeux internationaux pour participer, mettre en valeur leur talent et partager la joie du Sport. Les Jeux d’hiver de l’Arctique de Wood Buffalo 2022 comprennent 20 sports.

*The sport symbols are a legacy piece kindly gifted from the Whitehorse 2020 Host Society.


Once individual sport technical packages are approved, we will post updated details as they pertain to age eligibility and sport selection.

All sports being played at the Wood Buffalo 2023 Arctic Winter Games can be found on this webpage above. 

Depending on where you reside, your contingent will post the information on their website. Example: Team Alberta North’s AWG information can be found hereAlternatively, you can reach out to the Chef de Mission for your contingent for further follow up and contact information.

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