Host Society

The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo was awarded the opportunity to host the Arctic Winter Games. This announcement came on February 6, 2019 from the Arctic Winter Games International Committee’s President, Mr. John Flynn. 

The Host Society was later subsequently incorporated under the name of Wood Buffalo Arctic Winter Games Host Society. With a unique blend of skills, connections and experience, the Host Society is well-suited to the needs required to fulfill the mandate of the Arctic Winter Games International Committee. 

board of directors

Nicole Clow
General Manager
Melissa Blake
Ashley Ryan
Director of Administration
Mike Harlick
Director of Care & Comfort
Ana-Maria Mendez
Director of Culture
Greg Tolson
Director of Information Technology
Bill Brook
Director of Venues
Michelle Toner
Director of Marketing, Communications and Promotion
Kelsey Green
Director of Sport/Technical
Jen Kennett
Director of Volunteer & Community
Linda Ollivier
RMWB Representative
Sandra Efu
Director at Large
Frank Power
Director at Large
Jerry George
SPAR Representative, Ex-Officio
Leigh Goldie
AWGIC, Alberta's Public Representative, Ex-Officio
Don Wilson
AWGIC, Alberta Gov't Representative, Ex-Officio
Kendrick Cardinal
Council Liaison
Ken Ball
Council Liaison
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