Seven Sacred Teachings

The Seven Sacred Teachings are an oral Indigenous traditional set of teachings that have been passed down through many generations and are shared across lands. The traditional teachings honour the virtues necessary to live a full and healthy, happy and balanced life.

These teachings have stayed alive through storytelling and life experiences and are often shared between parents, children and siblings creating a strong feeling of kinship. The Seven Sacred Teachings are brought into the community to guide how we treat each other as people, bringing happiness to our hearts and creating a feeling of equalness between each other.

The seven Grandfathers were great spirits that were sent to guide people through life. When the seven Grandfathers sent a messenger to learn how the people were living, the messenger came back to share that the people were not living in harmony with each other or nature.

In a vision quest, the messenger found a child worthy of the teachings of the seven Grandfathers. The Grandfathers tutored the child in each teaching to live life in a good way with each other and nature. Each teaching is also represented by an animal that carries the traits of each gift connecting all beings together. To live your life with these Seven Sacred Teachings, it is said you will live a good and harmonious life.



The powerful emotion felt for another person or being that shows itself with deep affection or devotion.

Love Gift of the EAGLE. The Eagle is said to fly the highest closest to the creator and carries our prayers up. Eagles are loving parents and are always guiding their offspring.



The special esteem or consideration in which one holds another person.

Respect Gift of the BISON. The Bison gives every part of its being to sustain human life not because he is of less value, but he respects the balance and needs of others to honour all creation both beings 2 legs and 4 is to have respect.



The act or condition of being honest or never deceiving, stealing, or taking advantage of others.

Honesty Gift of the SABE. It is believed the Sabe is closer to the spirit world than humans and reminds us that we must be truthful to who we are and to walk tall with integrity. It was believed the Sabe walked among us to remind us of the creator’s wish to stay true to our natural self.



The capacity of facing danger without giving up due to fear. To face challenges
with confidence and bravery.

Courage Gift of the BEAR. The Bear represents courage because of its natural ability to overcome challenges through its everyday life and its incredible instinct of protection.



The quality of being wise, drawing on experience and being governed by life lessons learned.

Wisdom Gift of the BEAVER. The Beaver represents wisdom because it uses its natural gifts to promote wellness and wellness for its family. The beaver has the knowledge of how to build, which enables the beaver to positively impact its environment and create a more sustainable environment. The beaver is very much a family animal.



The quality of being without arrogance and having proper self-respect.

The gift of the WOLF. The Wolf represents humility because of its giving nature and devotion to protecting and working for the betterment of the pack. Wolves are mates for life and are generous and loving parents, setting great examples of what our community systems should be.



The state or quality of being true.

Gift of the TURTLE. The Turtle represents truth because it is said to be the oldest animal of time is believed the turtle witnessed all creation. There are 13 plates on the turtle’s shell which represent the 13 moons in one year.

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