Theme Song

The Wood Buffalo 2023 Arctic Winter Games theme song will be a cultural celebration of our region and the event itself. 

The creation and use of a theme song not only inspires and motivates participants but also adds to the total Games experience for participants, visitors and volunteers.


We are excited to announce the following top finalists will help us write, produce and record the official Theme Song of the Wood Buffalo 2023 Arctic Winter Games!

    • Jerome Cardinal – Fort Chipewyan
    • Darren Mercerdi – Fort Chipewyan
    • Kaydence Gladue – Fort McKay
    • Dan Tulk – Fort McMurray
    • Daisy Mella – Fort McMurray
    • Rory O’Hern – Fort McMurray
    • Zion Afuang – Fort McMurray

An honourable mention goes out to Katie Williams and Kassandra Japlos. The pair have been invited to record and perform the song with the other finalists.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates!
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